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10 tips to be fashionista

ashionista has a popular label that fashion experts give to every woman who knows how to coordinate her clothes, to get an elegant and attractive look. And the conditions required to be a fashionista of high style on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, are not difficult at all, here are 10 simple tips :

1- Be yourself and don’t pretend even if you wear expensive clothes.

2- Avoid excessive makeup and excessive spraying of strong perfumes.

3- Discover your own style and use fashion to enhance it.

4- Ask yourself: am I a strong, soft, shy, spontaneous, mysterious woman, and try to build your looks on this basis..

5- Change your hair style to break the routine. Try to create a hairstyle suitable for the features of your face and your personality to be the most beautiful this Eid.

6- Take care of the skin of your face and body through continuous moisturizing with creams to enjoy freshness, as it is also one of the elements of elegance along with the consistency of your clothes..

7- Give special attention to accessories to complement your look. The night of Eid, and choose the most popular one without exaggerating in wearing it.

8- Choose the right shoes because they can completely change your look. If you want an attractive look on New Year’s Eve, you should resort to high-heeled shoes.

9- Do not hesitate to choose comfortable clothes, because your discomfort with tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes will make you look unconfident

10- Add a modern touch to your clothes on the day of Eid and choose a piece of fur, such as a coat, a gilet, or even a clutch or a bright piece such as a blazer or a long dress

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